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Rules for submitting ads

When registering on this site, the User agrees with these rules * and assumes the rights and obligations specified in them related to the submission of ads to the site.

Attention! These rules apply to both free and paid ads (Premium, VIP ads), which are published on the site Paid ads can also be blocked when violations are detected.

If there is information that the posted ads violate the rules of the Site, current legislation and / or the rights of third parties, has the right to check and / or remove such ads at any time, as well as restrict the actions of the User who posted these ads on the site.

The site administration reserves the right to refuse to publish an ad if the User systematically violates the site rules and confirms complaints about the ad from other users.

General Provisions

  • The content of advertisements must not contradict the Federal Law "On Advertising" No. 38-FZ of 13.03.2006.
  • Do not post services / prohibited goods and services.
  • It is forbidden to publish ads from users who do not have the proposed object / service, or do not have a documented right to carry out a legal transaction.
  • The user can have only one registration (account) on the site. Do not re-register to another e-mail.
  • Do not submit the same ad (offering the same product or service) over and over again, regardless of whether you post them in different regions or categories.
  • Place one specific product / service in one ad. An exception is the offer of a "kit", which is sold / rented as a whole, with an indication of the price for the entire kit.
  • Do not place advertisements of a general advertising nature, advertisements for Internet resources (portals, forums, dating sites, etc.), business (shops, companies).
  • Do not post ads asking for material assistance, fundraising for medical treatment, donation, etc.
  • Not allowed to publish ads containing deliberately false information, advertising of financial "pyramids" and other dubious ways to generate income.
  • Choose the section that best matches the subject of your ad, as well as the region that corresponds to the actual location of your product.

For example: "1-room apartment in Sochi", the region indicated in the ad must be Sochi, not Moscow, St. Petersburg, etc.

  • If your offer is no longer relevant, then be sure to remove the ad from publication immediately after the transaction.
  • Announcements are accepted for publication only in Russian and written in Cyrillic, with the exception of the "Job" section, in which announcements can be posted in English. Ads must comply with the norms of the Russian language, that is, they must not contain spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors.
  • Advertising is not allowed, in which part of the essential information about the advertised product is missing, about the conditions for its purchase or use, if the meaning of the information is distorted and the advertising consumers are misled.

Requirements for filling out ad fields:


  • The ad title must match its content.
  • Do not use repetitive question marks, exclamation marks and other signs, as well as words that attract attention, for example, "Urgent !!!", "Selling!", "Buy!", "Great offer", etc.
  • Do not provide contact information (phone number, physical / legal / electronic address (e-mail), site name (links), ICQ, skype, company name, etc.).
  • Do not write the title in upper case, except for the first letters of capital words and proper names. Only abbreviations can be written entirely in uppercase. An example of an incorrect spelling: "URGENTLY WILL BUY VAZ-2109".


  • The ad should contain the most detailed information about the specific product / service that you offer / are looking for. It is permissible to indicate related information: conditions and options for purchase, delivery, information on discounts and gifts, installation and installation of the purchased product, etc.
  • Description of the possibilities of the subject of sale, which is of an advertising nature, is not allowed.
  • The ad text should not contain contact information (phone number, physical / legal / electronic address (e-mail), site name (links), ICQ, skype, etc.).
  • The use of upper case is not allowed, with the exception of the first letters of capital words and proper names.
  • It is unacceptable to use keywords in the description to facilitate the search for seller's ads, listing several products, placing price lists.


  • The price must correspond to the actual price of the object / service.
  • The price must be an integer, it is not allowed to indicate words that replace the price (for example, "expensive", "inexpensive", "symbolic price", etc.).
  • The price must be quoted for the entire sale / lease item. (For example, when selling an item in installments, the price must be indicated in full, and not depending on the term of the installment payment. Indicate the information about the installments in the text.)
  • Do not include the price in the title or ad text - there is a separate field for this.


  • A photo showing the product / service offered by you must correspond to the title and text of the ad.
  • The photo may not contain user interface elements, abstract drawings, frames and other details drawn with graphic editors.
  • The photo should not contain a collage as a title photo, logo (including Slando and Avito), brand, copyright, watermark, company name, phone number, E-mail, links to the site, etc.
  • The photo must be of good quality, the subject must be distinguishable, the optimal size is: width - 1024 pixels, height - 800 pixels, size up to 500 KB.
  • A watermark with a full name is allowed in the photo. For Internet partners, a watermark with the company name or company logo can be used. Watermark should not occupy more than 25% of the area of ​​the photo, and should not distort the image of the object.
  • Only real photographs of the proposed object may be used in advertisements for the sale and purchase of goods.
  • Advertisements for the provision of services can contain any graphic images that are relevant to the subject, but do not violate anyone's intellectual rights.
  • It is forbidden to use photographs containing images of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, weapons, or other similar items.

After placement (publication), the ad becomes visible to all users and is checked by the moderator. If the moderator finds an error, the ad will be rejected with the obligatory indication of the reason for rejection.

Rejecting an ad is just a message about an error that has been made. The advertiser can correct the error and publish the advertisement again.

  • By agreeing to these rules, you also confirm that you have read and agree with the following sections of the "terms and conditions" of this site.

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